Fundraising Options

Ticket Sales

  • Purchase skate or swim tickets at the group rate from the SportsPlex and sell them at your own price.
  • The SportsPlex prints the tickets, with an expiration date several months off of the sale date.
  • Ex: You buy 75 skate tickets for $5.00 each, you sell each ticket for $10.00, profit goes straight to you.

10% to You

  • Host a swim or skate session for your group.
  • Advertise the event, pass out flyers and receive 10% of the proceeds from that activity session.
  • You create the flyers and get profit back on each one turned in.
  • Ex: Adult skate is $10.00 with skate rental – with the flyer, $1.00 goes back to you.

Pack the Plex

  • Great for groups of 200 or more.
  • Sponsor a public skate session and receive all of the gate profits, after cost of the session.
  • The SportsPlex will not charge more than $900 for the three hour session, no matter how large the group is.
  • Hold raffles, contests, and advertise your group during the session.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not raise more than the $900, the SportsPlex will donate 15% of the gate receipts to your group.
  • Available on weekend public sessions March 1st -October 31st, excluding holidays or SportsPlex events.